Green Key Gold certificate

Fine Harmony Hotel is dedicated to minimising its impact on the environment. For our sustainability efforts, we are proud to hold the prestigious Green Key Gold certificate. The Green Key is the leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. 

Products and practices

Without compromising on the quality, which we offer our guests, Fine Harmony Hotel has successfully implemented numerous sustainable practices and environment-friendly products throughout the hotel.

  • Environment-friendly soaps and shampoos
  • Ambient LED-lighting 
  • Fairtrade products
  • Water-saving taps
  • Eco-foam fire extinguishers
  • Recycling practices
  • Green electricity

Click here for our sustainability statement, and here for our sustainable purchasing policy.

More information can be found on the website of Green Key.

Carbon offsetting to neutralise CO2 emissions

Fine Seasons has initiatives in place in the hotel to reduce its energy consumption. In addition to these sustainable initiatives, we proudly invest in the carbon offset projects from the Greenbalance Group, as another way to neutralise unavoidable CO2 emissions.In recognition of this, we have been awarded a certificate for the compensation of the hotel's CO2 emissions, and are considered to be a climate neutral hotel.

The project we are currently investing in, is the Cook Stove Project in Ghana. The project replaces coal pots with an efficient insulated stove called the Toyola Coalpot. The Coalpots are less smoky and use less charcoal or fire wood. Less smoke, means less emissions of hazardous air pollutants, which is beneficial to the health of the cooks, typically mothers and children. The project also creates employment opportunities throughout Ghana.

Fine Seasons aims to continue investing in projects to offset the hotels CO2 emissions. The next project we hope to contribute to, is training households in South Africa in a new cooking technique. The technique is more energy efficient and produces less smoke.

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 for the annual carbon offset certificate.